Motor Muster Photos

Like Classic cars? Motor Muster is a event at GreenField Village in Dearborn. This event happened some time ago but never got around to editing the photos till now.

The older guy is my great uncle Ed who is turning 100 years young this next year. At the event he came across some the cars he owned and knew in great detail after all those years.


3 thoughts on “Motor Muster Photos

  1. turing 100? and remember all the details about car? wow, your uncle is a bloody cool guy Len! loool
    i love the first red one, so cuuuuuute!
    the green one is very special designed! why it is like that???!!!
    the white one in the last few shots is really lovely! like a blinking lady, lool
    did Nick also go to this show with you? guess he would love this too.
    i only joined one or two car shos in europe.. but my feeling is there will be never a better car show than in america! at least these old styles are what i LOVE. wanna come!!!

    • He has a better memory then I have! He drove around town and it was like he hasn’t been moved away 20some years. Ed is suppose to be in the guinnus book of world records for having his commercial airplane license the longest. He stopped trying to get it a few years ago of his own free will not because he failed.

      The one car was modified to look like it had a face.

      Where these were taken is just people bringing their own personal cars together there at the museum. It is the best history museum in the world and attracts people from everywhere. They have different events like this a few times a year.Detroit is were automotive history was made in this country.

      • he sounds like a man in kinda legend! would love to have a chat!!
        i see. cool.
        yes, even i have never been to D city yet, but i would agree!!

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