Few photos from a wedding last month

Although I have a lot of experience in many types of event photography I have only shot a few weddings. Truthfully I have turned down quite a few due to horror stories I have heard in the past from friends who shoot them regularly. I recently have come to the conclusion EVERY event has something happen. It’s all about how you handle the situation.

The lens that was rented for the event was a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii which was used 80% of the time. It turned out to have a HORRIBLE back focus issue. When I say back-focused I mean 1/4 of the photos where sometimes around 3 feet behind the single point Auto focused subject. 1/4 were too soft to use, which is unacceptable for $100 kit lens standards. After asking around I found out its a common issue with this lens. What a complete shock to me with it being a top of the line lens in the REGULAR focal range that has a price tag of $2,299! Canon if you think this may have been a issue with the rented lens. PROVE IT! Send me a copy to review.

Even with the issues that popped up, the wedding was a successes and I captured some great photos for the happy couple. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do work in new areas.


One thought on “Few photos from a wedding last month

  1. i think you have the potential in shooting wedding Len! i like this one, much better than the concert, lol. it gives me a feeling – very fresh. i love their choice in purple. it’s not the color which i usually choose, but very pretty in their ways! both for female and male. love it.

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