Greenfield Village sept 16th 2012

It was a beautiful day on Sunday Sept 16th so I went for a walk around Greenfield village with a friend.

First stop I took photos in was the Print press shop. My grandfather and then my uncle worked with screen printing so I am familiar with type setting although I wish I had the chance to try it more when they had the equipment. Although I am impressed with the skill and technique of the old print press I am glad we live in a digital world. Same goes with camera film print making. Many people I think forget just how far technology has come in a short period of time.

Next are photos of one Thomas Edison’s buildings. Lots of interesting machines. Wish I could pressed, turned, pulled every lever in this place.

As always I took a few photos of the animals. Majority of these were taken at the Firestone farm.

Once again the garden caught my eye and took some photo of the interesting plants. The Easter egg plant was something I have never seen before. There was also a small pumpkin plant.


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