Grand Traverse Distillery and L. Mawby Winery

On our travels to the upper west coast of lower peninsula of Michigan we  stopped at Grand Traverse Distillery and L. Mawby winery. Michigan is gaining a great reputation for its spirits (wine, liquor, Beer). Driving through the Traverse City region you will find wineries EVERYWHERE. I wish we had time to stop at them all. It is exciting to see rather new industries flourishing in our state and becoming such a success.

Grand Traverse Distillery is located in Traverse city. The distillery produces vodkas and whiskey of different types. The distillery has a gift shop and a tour you can take of the equipment in back. At the end you can have a little taste of the products.

My favorite was the True North Cherry Vodka made with local ingredients. Cherry flavor tastes natural and not artificial like every other type of cherry flavored vodka. Grand Traverse whiskey can be bought in the bottle or they sell these neat small kegs which you can make your own at home. Takes shorter time to age due to the smaller size. Any whiskey lover would love to try one of these mini kegs. You can purchase this product in your local store, Kroger, and even Meijer! No excuse not to try it out and trust me its high quality. You might just switch your brand.

L. Mawby produces sparkling wine. Before this trip I did not know that champagne is a term for sparkling wine  grown in a region of France. This sparkling wine is very nicely priced and quite tasty. You can pick up this product in many locations including whole foods or in dearborn Merchants carries it.

With how hard Michigan economy has been hit lately its time to support our industries. Michigan products are top quality so there is no reason why not to.


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