Michigan Sand dunes

A close friend Nick invited me on a quick 4 day trip around the upper west coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Michigan has so many different amazing places to visit. Sand dunes are not thought about in Michigan but we have a few large locations to visit. Many might think I am talking about a small sand pile you can crawl up and claim to be king of the hill but I assure that you can easily get lost and tired out pretty quickly.

The first sand dune we visited was Sleeping Bear sand dunes located around traverse city. This I believe is the largest dunes we have. Having walked around the outside of the dunes on the shore they are HUGE. I got tired just looking at them. Make sure to bring tons of water. We stayed at the National park and was pretty impressed by the camping spot layouts. Just watch out for poison ivy. The location is more remote to hike but they have a road that overlooks the dunes at many locations. The local town is small but quite nice for travelers. Make sure you stop in to the Cherry Republic store.

The second sand dunes was at Silver lake. Unlike Sleeping Bear the city is more commercialized with tons of shops and tourist attractions to visit. They have plently of things for the whole family to enjoy. The dunes are smaller compared to Sleeping Bear but much more manageable to walk across. If you have a 4×4 pickup truck, SUV, dirt bike or any type of off road vehicle and have not driven over the dunes you are truly missing out. Locations for off road vehicles and hiking paths are seperated so you don’t have to worry about a out of control dune buggy taking you out while performing a killer jump off a sand dune. Make sure to visit the lighthouse which is located on Lake Michigan. Silver lake is a sand bottom lake and great to take a dip in right next to the sand dunes. So far I have stayed at 2 campground in this town and think the state park is the best choice. The state park also is right on Silver lake with lake access. Jellystone is the one I have yet to stay at which is extremely expensive for a camp ground. If the put put golf & other rides are free maybe it is worth it but I never asked.

****Check out the photos below. Click on the thumbnails to view them larger in lightbox.****


12 thoughts on “Michigan Sand dunes

  1. pls help me to deliver a msg to Nick: he’s always good at picking glasses. compared with his bloody red sunglasses, recently i bought one with the color on the opposite! 😀

    and what is that car in the last few shots? whats the name? damn cool and look fun!

    why the sand dune looks like desert? lol. and yes, i agree with you if i were there, i would be tired just by looking at it.

    p.s. post yourself pic too next time, or Nick, please do so in your blog 😉

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