Bludgeon Fest Photos

Bludgeon Fest is a metal festival that was held at the Iron Coffins camp ground in Erie Michigan. It was a two day event packed with nonstop alternating bands between the two stages. The campground was well kept up and watched after.

With a name like Bludgeon Fest the bands better put on some brutal shows and they did not disappoint. It was so hot though you would had thought you were in Hell michigan.


12 thoughts on “Bludgeon Fest Photos

  1. im not sure i ll like their music. metal could be a bit too much for me. but even i said this before, i wanna say it again, I LOVE THE FIRST TWO PICS! BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE ENJOYING THEMSELVES SO MUCH! and that’s a very natural moment. damn well shot, Len!!!

    • Thanks Fiona. If you thought linkin park was to heavy you would hate this festival. Funny enough it was a song about beer and some girl in front of the stage was spitting beer all over them and I got a few shots of the beer showering around them. LOL

      • wow, really? i thought they split beer around. but then… it’s naturally perfect shot!!! i cant say how much i love it!

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