This is the second set of images I took recently in NYC recently.

Growing up in Detroit area, NYC was refreshing to see has such a vibrant and busy city. Many might find this jarring but I love places where there are always somewhere new to explore.

With such a short window to explore I brought a light camera lens in anticipation of intense walking. Next time I will have my pro lens with me and have time to frame a shot.

I wish I had the chance to visit NYC when I was a child. FAO Schwartz has a massive collection of toys of all types. Even as an adult I found myself in aw of the fossil collection. In the last post was an amazing trilobite specimen. Toys R Us in times square featured superman holding a semi trailer above you in the ceiling, an animated t-rex which rawred, Mega bloks creations, and for the girls there is a full sized barbie house. The Lego store had a wide assortment of large creations to view.

Times square has been so widely publicized in films and photography you would not expect to be blown away. You will! Images I seen shown flashing light which now are huge video screens with animation everywhere! It is amazing.

****Check out the photos below. Click on the thumbnails to view them larger in lightbox.****


5 thoughts on “NYC 2

    • Thanks Corrie, you had some amazing photos! That one overlook with the face painted on the building was pretty awesome.

      My sis was showing us around the city and we could only cover so much in a 14 hr walk. I am currently looking for a design or photographer position in NYC to relocate. Hopefully soon I will be back and able to explore.

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