Ann Arbor tree hugger caught in the act

A few weekends ago a close friend shown me around  his city of Ann Arbor. Its in no way my first time, but there are always new places to explore that only people who live there would know best.

As we walked around the U of M Nichoels Arboretum he pointed out all of the different types of trees. After a few jokes about his fondness for the trees he posed for the images. The few times I have ventured inside of this park I did not get too far before having to turning back. I was quite shocked how large the property was. Next time your in the Ann arbor area make sure to go for a walk in the Arboretum.  For more info check out this website

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4 responses to “Ann Arbor tree hugger caught in the act”

  1. Fiona.q says :

    hah len, you have taken very lively shots. i love this set.
    p.s. please teach me how to hug trees like that! i wanna do it TOO!!

  2. danielwalldammit says :

    Lol, that’s a great pic.

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