Marche du Nain Rouge event photos

    Was the Nain Rouge run out of Detroit this year?   Check out my photos of the Marche de Nain Rouge on MODE Detroit.

Photos from NAIAS

Photos from the NAIAS show in Detroit. If you like what you see MORE of my photos from NAIAS are on MODE Detroit. **To view larger size images click on the thumb nail images below.**

Music Video

  I helped shoot this music video for a local metal band Hate Unbound with my good friend Nick Koenig who also edited it. The video was shot in one of the bandmates basement so we used closeup quick cuts.

Motor Muster Photos

Like Classic cars? Motor Muster is a event at GreenField Village in Dearborn. This event happened some time ago but never got around to editing the photos till now. The older guy is my great uncle Ed who is turning 100 years young this next year. At the event he came across some the cars he […]

Wandering around the Henry Ford Estate at dusk

There are only a few places around me where you can go for a quick walk in the woods. The Henry ford estate in Dearborn is one of them. Ford family finally was able to take back control of the estate so hopefully next spring it will receive the care it has been missing. This […]

Vehicle Photos on the streets of Detroit.

On my short walk around downtown Detroit with a friend I took some photos of vehicles. Some of the photos were taken in GM headquarters. I am planning on shooting commercial quality photos of vehicles in the near future plus NAIAS is happening soon.  Everything is hand held without any type of lighting/ND/HDR. **To view […]

Few photos around Detroit

I roamed around Detroit for a little bit the other day and took some photos. **To view larger size images click on the thumb nail images below.**

Few photos from a wedding last month

Although I have a lot of experience in many types of event photography I have only shot a few weddings. Truthfully I have turned down quite a few due to horror stories I have heard in the past from friends who shoot them regularly. I recently have come to the conclusion EVERY event has something […]

Where have I been?

     It’s been far too long since I posted on my personal wordpress site. Majority of my post have been on MODE Detroit and wanted to encourage you to follow the site, if you haven’t already.      The quarterly e-mag was delayed but not forgotten. It will be out in the beginning […]

RockStar Energy UPROAR Festival

Walking Papers Performs at RockStar Energy UPROAR Festival in Clarkston Michigan at DTE Energy Music Theater.Dead Daisies Performs at RockStar Energy UPROAR Festival in Clarkston Michigan at DTE Energy Music Theater.CIRCA SURVIVE Performs at RockStar Energy UPROAR Festival in Clarkston Michigan at DTE Energy Music Theater.

RockStar Energy UPROAR Festival 

Alice in Chain’s,  Jane’s Addiction, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, the Dead Daisies, Walking Papers, Middle Class Rut, Danko Jones, Chuck Shaffer Picture Show, Charming Liars, Mindset Evolution, and Rotation

Check out ALL the Photos on MODE. With so many bands I made 3 different post with photos. 

Alice in chains & Jane’s Addiction

Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, the Dead Daisies, Walking Papers

Middle Class Rut, Danko Jones, Chuck Shaffer Picture Show, Charming Liars, Mindset Evolution, and Rotation



Photos from my short trip to Traverse City MI

Few Photos from a two day trip up to Traverse City. Every time I visit Traverse City its changed for the better. Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images. 

MOVEMENT Electronic Music Festival [Day 2 and 3]

Check out photos from the MOVEMENT Electronic Music Festival [Day 2 & 3] on MODE.

2013 Chevrolet Grand Prix Detroit Michigan

    The Chevrolet Grand Prix was in Detroit Michigan on Belle Isle.  Over 100 thousand fans enjoyed this event! Comerica bank hosted the free friday so everyone had the chance to check out a race. Detroit Grand Prix has been a tradition since I have been a little kid like I am sure many […]

Grand Rapids MI Photos

Every time I have stopped in Grand Rapids it seems to have grown in a new way. Clean city streets with large buildings everywhere. The large amount of parking structures downtown is rare to see. The 2nd floor skywalk through many buildings downtown was amazing to see. I can easily see myself living in Grand […]

Marche de Nain Rouge


Detroit has a problem with a little red imp???!!!

Photos from the 3rd annul Marche de Nain Rouge event in Detroit Michigan March 24th can be seen at…

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Motown Winter Blast

2013 Motown Winter Blast

Check out my blog on Mode.

Motown Winter Blast.

Abraham Lincoln exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.

These days Abraham lincoln is a very popular subject, being featured in movies about vampires and zombies among many other situations. He was a interesting man without all of the fictional stories being created using his likeness. A few weeks back I was walking around the Henry Ford Museum and took a few images in […]

Creative home renovation.


Do you have a swimming pool you do not use? A while back I was contacted about photographing a couples house which they were in the process of selling. Imagine my surprise when I entered the backyard.

They renovated their above ground swimming pool into an oasis with a waterfall.

Lego Architecture: Towering Ambition at the Henry Ford Museum

Can a children’s toy be considered artwork? Architectural artist Adam Reed Tucker showcases iconic landmarks built by lego blocks. The exhibit Towering Ambition is on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan. His creations are extremely detailed renditions which are quite impressive. In my youth Legos were rather basic compared to what is available today. Lego’s presence in the […]

D-SLR Camera of choice?

What is the BEST D-SLR Camera is the most asked/argued question by photographers.  Like everything in the world it comes down to personal preference and what your going to use it for. All cameras seem to have a strong point and weak areas. The first question you need to ask yourself is what is your primary […]

Greenfield Village sept 16th 2012

It was a beautiful day on Sunday Sept 16th so I went for a walk around Greenfield village with a friend. First stop I took photos in was the Print press shop. My grandfather and then my uncle worked with screen printing so I am familiar with type setting although I wish I had the […]

Baby Magazine?

After a water balloon fight my niece was wearing this hooded baby towel thing which produced some interesting shots. One image looked very magazine modelesk. I edited the image and put it on a fake baby magazine cover I quickly designed. First Image is of the fake magazine. Second is the cropped original edited. 3rd […]

Nice day for a walk…

Today was such a nice day I had to pull away from my laptop for a few hours for a walk. I ran over to the Henry Ford Estates in Dearborn. For those who have not visited this historic location it is the private house of Henry Ford. Almost a stones throw from the Ford […]

Ann Arbor tree hugger caught in the act

A few weekends ago a close friend shown me around  his city of Ann Arbor. Its in no way my first time, but there are always new places to explore that only people who live there would know best. As we walked around the U of M Nichoels Arboretum he pointed out all of the […]

Visit to Greenfield Village 7/1/12

Though I have walked through Thomas Edison’s lab at Greenfield Village many times I never have taken photos. I plan on visiting again soon on a weekday without large crowds of people like there was today. While walking around I captured some animals and flowers. If you are interested in viewing more photos from Greenfield […]

The Great Race ends in Dearborn.

Do you love older cars? Check out some of the photos from the ending of the Great Race.

Frank Lloyd Wright May House in Grand Rapids Michigan

It was truly an honor to get to see this house. My grandfather was a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and used his favorite parts of FLW houses when designing his own place in Dearborn Heights MI. Growing up running around my grandparents house gave me a great appreciation for Frank Lloyd Wrights work. On the […]

Grand Traverse Distillery and L. Mawby Winery

On our travels to the upper west coast of lower peninsula of Michigan we  stopped at Grand Traverse Distillery and L. Mawby winery. Michigan is gaining a great reputation for its spirits (wine, liquor, Beer). Driving through the Traverse City region you will find wineries EVERYWHERE. I wish we had time to stop at them […]

Trip around the upper west coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula

Michigan is known for its automobile industry but many seem to forget Michigan has a rich history which has plenty of locations to explore. This short trip was to the upper west coast of lower peninsula. Oddly I have met too many life long Michiganders who have barely traveled their own state. Our state is […]

Michigan Sand dunes

A close friend Nick invited me on a quick 4 day trip around the upper west coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Michigan has so many different amazing places to visit. Sand dunes are not thought about in Michigan but we have a few large locations to visit. Many might think I am talking about a small […]

Bludgeon Fest Photos

Bludgeon Fest is a metal festival that was held at the Iron Coffins camp ground in Erie Michigan. It was a two day event packed with nonstop alternating bands between the two stages. The campground was well kept up and watched after. With a name like Bludgeon Fest the bands better put on some brutal shows […]


This is the second set of images I took recently in NYC recently. Growing up in Detroit area, NYC was refreshing to see has such a vibrant and busy city. Many might find this jarring but I love places where there are always somewhere new to explore. With such a short window to explore I […]


NYC is the city that never sleeps. Those who know me would say its the perfect place for me. Wherever I am up working on projects or out exploring new locations around me.. Currently I am seeking solid work to warrant making NYC my main location of residence. I took some quick photos while walking […]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC

The Met is an amazing museum! With a very limited time to voyage part-way through this vast place I barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Next time I am in town I will set a few days aside just for this location. Majority of the photos taken were of statues but […]


I photographed the all girl metal band Kittie for hear magazine last saturday. In the words of a friend who was also at the show “Man, those girls can Rock!”. When Kittie comes to your town I highly recommend you go see them. With the layout of this venue majority of the photographs came from […]


Blackguard was the 5th act playing at the Kittie show last saturday.

The Agonist

The Agonist was the 4th act at the Kittie show in Detroit on May 12th. ****Check out the photos below. Click on the thumbnails to view them larger in lightbox.****

Bonded By Blood

Bonded by Blood is a metal band from L.A. who was the 3rd act at the Kittie show.

Strength Beyond U (SBU) Photos from the Kittie show

SBU is a local Detroit metal band who was one of the opening acts for the Kittie show.

Animals found on the hiking trails of U of M Matthaei botanical garden in Ann Arbor michigan

During my visit to University of Michigan Matthaei botanical garden in Ann Arbor michigan I walked around the hiking trails and captured a few photos of local animals. Majority of the animals photos are baby geese. I love photographing animals. You never know what will happen and what types of photos you will end up with. […]

U of M Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Last weekend I visited the University of Michigan Matthaei botanical garden and wildlife trails in Ann Arbor michigan. The inside botanical gardens have 3 separate sections; tropical, temperate, and desert. Outside of the botanical garden are a variety of other gardens with local flowers and plants along with a few trails to hike. There was […]

Show at the Rack N Roll

Shot some video of Sordid Circles live show tonight and took some photos of the other metal bands. I scavenged through the photos quickly and edited them even quicker.  More photos will probably be uploaded in a few days. Due to the fact I have only had two hours sleep in two days I will […]

Wildlife around the Henry Ford Fairlane Estate

The Henry Ford Fairlane estate is home to many native animals that are not often seen today due to the expanse of cities surrounding it. Forests have almost completely vanished in Downriver Detroit leaving us with a concrete landscape. Even though Henry Ford Fairlane estate is surrounded by 2 colleges, a large mall, many large […]

Greenfield Village will be opening this weekend.

Its just a few days away from Henry Fords Greenfield village opening for the season. I went back into some of my photo folders from last year and found quite a few unedited photos I decided to post. For those who have never visited Greenfield village at the Henry Ford it is an amazing collection […]

Edited some old animal photos…

Its been a while since I posted a blog so I looked into some of my old photos and across some old animal photos I never got around to editing from last 4th of july. Expect more regular post. ****Check out the photos below. Click on the thumbnails to view them larger in lightbox.****


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